A leap forward in road safety for Pomerania

In a significant advancement for road safety in the Pomeranian region, our latest initiative has transformed the Kashubian Route, an essential 40-kilometer artery connecting Bo┼╝epole Wielkie to Gdynia. We have equipped this crucial stretch with 170 kilometers of our advanced vehicle restraint systems, significantly elevating safety measures for the area.

Our vehicle restraint systems are engineered with the latest technology to meet the highest safety standards. This project, pivotal in enhancing the security of road users, also contributes to more efficient travel between these key cities. The systems are designed to minimize the risk of accidents and lessen the impact of potential collisions, thereby safeguarding the lives of drivers and passengers alike.

The successful implementation of this project marks a milestone in our commitment to enhancing road safety. We are proud of our role in making the Kashubian Route a safer and more reliable path for Pomeranian drivers. As we look to the future, our dedication to improving road safety and efficiency remains steadfast, with a focus on leveraging innovative technologies and solutions to positively impact communities across the region.

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Enhanced safety with;
  • 170km of vehicle restraint systems