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Ethical standards

Saferoad believes in fair trade and free competition. We are committed to serving our customers' needs in a predictable and responsive way. Our competitive advantage shall come as a result of our sound and ethical business strategy.

Code of Conduct

We set high standards for ourselves and our impact on environment and society at large. We act in accordance with laws and regulations. Our behaviour must stand to public scrutiny and not damage the reputation of Saferoad.

The Group's Code of Conduct outlines the key principles for Saferoad’s operations with regards to business ethics, and our impact on the environment and on society in general. Key elements are; respectful and ethical conduct; compliance with legal frameworks in the countries where Saferoad operates; safe handling of information; safe operations and a sound work environment; and reduction of the external environmental impact from the company’s activities. The Code of Conduct applies to all employees, contracted consultants, and board members. The code is non-negotiable, and violations may result in disciplinary proceedings, dismissal or even prosecution. 

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Saferoad has a zero-tolerance approach to bribery and corruption and is committed to act professionally, with high ethical standards.

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Competition Compliance

We believe in free and fair competition. Saferoad does not tolerate any agreement on price fixing, market sharing, abuse of dominant positions or other activities that limit free competition.

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Trade sanctions

Saferoad is committed to complying with trade sanction laws and regulations published by the United Nations, the USA, and the European Union.

Download our Trade Sanctions Manual

Data protection

Saferoad processes personal data on a daily basis and individuals’ privacy and the security of personal data is important for us.

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Saferoad strives to conduct business in a responsible manner. Our Procurement Policy sets out clear guidelines for our relations with suppliers and clarify our own overall view of procurement activities.

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Saferoad works to build good partnerships with suppliers through fair trading in line with laws and regulations on procurement and with the highest international ethical business standards. Download our Supplier Code of Conduct in your preferred language below,



This policy affirms our commitment to promoting whistleblowing as a key part of transparency and accountability. It ensures everyone, within and outside our organization, can safely report any malpractice, misconduct, or wrongdoing without fear of retaliation.

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Transparency Act

For direct inquiries regarding how Saferoad handles actual and potential negative consequences for human rights and decent working conditions, see email link below..

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Our values

Care, Drive and Integrity

The Group’s values,care, drive and integrity, form the basis for Saferoad’s code of conduct, which outlines the key principles for Saferoad’s operations with regards to business ethics and the impact on environment and society overall. 

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Saferoad strives to maintain a transparent business climate and high business ethics.

Employees who become aware of any kind of infringement are encouraged to report this to their closest manager,  Saferoad’s compliance team or via our anonymous whistleblowing service. Failure to do so, is a breach of Saferoad's Code of Conduct. If any infringements are discovered by customers, suppliers or other 3rd parties, please use our digital channel below.

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