Health and safety

It's our core commitment that every member of the Saferoad family returns home unharmed each day, and we champion a 'Vision Zero' approach to work-related accidents and injuries. Safety is not just a policy; it's woven into the fabric of our culture.

In pursuit of excellence in health and safety, we are actively shaping a workplace that incorporate safety in every task. Our dedication stretches to ensuring all necessary precautions are taken to mitigate any risks that could compromise the health, safety, and welfare of our workers and those impacted by our operations or facilities.

Central to our safety mandate is the Group-wide Health & Safety Program. This comprehensive initiative is the backbone of our safety operations, offering a suite of tools designed to aid management and employees alike in pinpointing critical and potential risks. The program is further enhanced by established routines, empowering our team to recognize and evaluate risks inherent in their daily operations.

An integral part of our safety culture is the proactive reporting of hazards. By encouraging transparent communication, every identified risk is cataloged with the intent to avert future incidents. This focus of monitoring, assessing, and addressing accidents — regardless of scale — embodies our proactive approach to continual improvement in our safety protocols.

Local management at each Saferoad site is empowered with a key responsibility: to guarantee a safe working environment and to ensure that all systems and protocols for secure operations are effectively implemented. This accountability ensures that the integrity of our safety measures is maintained across all levels of our operations.