Nordøyvegen sets new standards for connectivity in Norway

Nordøyvegen (North Island Road) connects 7 islands off the coast of Norway to the mainland through a network of tunnels and bridges, bringing thousands of inhabitants closer together. The connection was opened in August 2022.

Nordøyvegen, Norway
Nordøyvegen, Norway

The opening of the 5,730-metre-long Nogvafjord tunnel marked the end of the project that provides a mainland connection for the islands in Ålesund municipality.

13 kilometres of subsea tunnels were built in the project. The project also included the construction of three concrete bridges, 2.7 kilometres of road at sea, a 170-metre-long environmental tunnel. 

Our team in Vik Ørsta has provided guardrails, lemergency openings, light poles, bridge parapets and rock bolts to the project. 

Products delivered in the project
  • 2400 m Ørsta Bridge Parapet BR2 (berth)
  • 2200 m SafeLine-M Guardrail
  • 1200 m Ørsta Bridge Parapet BR4
  • 75 000 CT-bolts
  • 200 High Energy masts
  • 100 Non Energy masts
  • SafeLine-M emergency opening

Delivery also included development and approval from SafeLine-M to masonry and to Ørsta Brurekkverk.

On the three bridges in the project, the parapets were lacquered with CombiCoat®.