Improved traffic flow on B297 Göppingen with innovative LED signs

LED Variable Message Signs (VMS) offer the possibility of situational traffic control, display of different speed limits, dynamic traffic management or display of general information for road users. The signs are often well perceived by road users, creating an effective warning effect.

By leveraging cutting-edge technology, B297 Göppingen implemented temporary LED VMS units with advanced features to manage congestion, variable speed detection, re-routing, and more. 

The LED VMS units delivered to the project consisted of essential components, including a foundation, telescopic mast, LED display, solar panels, energy system, and communication device. Notably, the assembly was streamlined, involving crane installation in the folded transport position and extension with a battery screwdriver, eliminating the need for extensive on-site cabling work.

Innovative Energy System

One of the standout features of the LED-VMS units was the innovative energy system, comprising only three key components: a pair of solar modules (2x 415 W), a power storage unit, and a smart solar controller. The saddle-shaped arrangement of the solar modules allowed for an east-west orientation, ensuring consistent energy generation throughout the day. This strategic alignment, coupled with the modules' 360° rotatability and a 45° tilt angle, facilitated self-cleaning, reducing maintenance costs significantly. The efficient energy system eliminated the need for frequent battery changes, enhancing the overall sustainability of the solution.

Customization for Special Requirements

B297 Göppingen's LED-VMS units were tailored to meet the specific requirements. The implementation involved a specialized LED variable message sign and a solar module construction designed to address unique challenges. Live operation software with basic functions was integrated, ensuring real-time monitoring and control.