Our role in the pedaling of the Tour de France

This summer brought an exciting challenge for our team in Denmark as we took on a key role in ensuring road safety during the danish leg of the 2023 edition of the Tour de France. Our collaboration with ten municipalities was centered on a crucial goal: to ensure the safety of both participants and spectators while maintaining the smooth flow of the event.

Our approach involved a comprehensive plan for road safety, tailored to the unique demands of this international event. We leveraged our expertise to develop and implement effective signage strategies and barrier placements. Over 6,000 signs were thoughtfully designed and strategically positioned to guide the cyclists and manage the large crowds. Additionally, our team installed 3,700 barriers, carefully planned to secure the race routes and spectator areas, ensuring a safe environment for all.

These tasks were more than just logistical challenges; they were a testament to our commitment to road safety and efficient crowd management. We understand that in large-scale events like the Tour de France, the clarity of signage and the strategic placement of barriers are crucial for preventing accidents and ensuring a smooth flow of both pedestrian and vehicular traffic.

Our involvement in the Tour de France in Denmark was a practical application of our core strengths in road safety. We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver tailored solutions that cater to the specific needs of each event. From creating custom road signs that are both clear and informative to devising barrier systems that effectively manage large groups of people, our focus is always on maximizing safety and efficiency.

As specialists in road safety solutions, we are dedicated to bringing our expertise to a wide range of projects. Whether you are planning a local event or an international competition, our team is equipped to provide you with the necessary road safety measures. We offer comprehensive services, including planning, design, production, and installation, ensuring that every aspect of road safety is covered for your event.

Partner with us to make safety a priority for your next project. We're committed to delivering road safety solutions that not only meet but exceed expectations, ensuring the well-being of all participants and spectators.

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Strategic and effective placement of;
  • 6000 signs
  • 3700 barriers