Stepping into our new uniform

Published on November 16, 2023

Big news at Saferoad today – we're rolling out a new look! Since our inception as Saferoad in 2007 we've grown a lot, expanding our reach and always looking for new ways to do things better and enhancing road safety. Now, it's time for our outside to match our inside.

Our new visual identity isn't just about changing logos or colours. It's about showing the world how we've evolved while staying true to what we've always been about. Think of it like a new coat of paint on a trusted vehicle – fresh, yet familiar.

We're still the same dedicated team, focused on quality and knowledge. Our new look is simply a way to show off our strengths with a team that's as noticeable and reliable as ever.

As we take this next step, we're just making sure everyone can see who we are and what we do. Here's to the road ahead – and to doing it in style!

We're still Saferoad, just with a little more radiance.