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Vehicle Restraint Systems

Saferoad offers a comprehensive and innovative range of vehicle restraint systems. Our services include manufacturing, delivery, installation, and repair. Our vehicle restraint systems can be customized to provide optimum solutions and all are designed and tested according to European standards.

Saferoad offers a comprehensive product range of vehicle restraint systems, which covers all areas of use on roads and motorways and can easily be adapted to local conditions and requirements. With leading brands such as MegaRail, SafeStar, Vik and Birsta, we cover a wide range of containment levels. In end terminals, we offer SafeEnd, as one of the first end-terminals that has been tested in accordance with the coming standard prEN 1317-7. Hence, it represents the next generation of energy absorbing terminals.

The main function of crash cushions is to prevent lethal damage to car passengers when crashing into static objects. Our own CrashGuard series have the highest level of certification and offers a wide range of sizes, depending on the area it should secure. Our bridge parapets combine modern design with a high level of safety, and are well suited for use in areas with high demands for aesthetics. The modular structure of the parapets contributes to quick installation and low cost.

Selected projects

New E6 in Norway

>> New E6 in Norway

Discover the Saferoad product finder

The planning of vehicle restraint systems on routes and structures will be made much easier in the future. With the Saferoad product finder, you can find suitable systems for all purposes with just a few clicks. It contains a large amount of information about vehicle restraint systems that is freely accessible to everyone without registration.

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