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Our business areas

Saferoad's core business areas are road restraint systems, light poles and masts, signs & work zone protection, road marking and noise protection. These areas represent a broad range of products and solutions that contribute to a safer life on the road, whether you go by foot, bike or car. We offer sustainable and high-quality solutions that can be customised to provide optimum solutions. With a strong local presence across Europe, we ensure close dialogue with our customers and efficient handling of projects.

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Saferoad has strong regional presence across Europe. Find your closest company here.

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As a supplier of road safety solutions, Saferoad relies on the trust of our customers, authorities, and the general public

We have built that trust over more than 70 years of operation, through reliable delivery of high quality products and services, and by setting and rigorously maintaining high ethical standards for all our business dealings. 

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