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Welcome to Saferoad Group

About us

Nordic Heritage

Saferoad Group has roots in the North Western part of Norway where operations
started back in 1947.

Today, the Group has expanded its activities to more than 20 countries in Europe.
Our main office is in Oslo.


Road construction

Roads and highways

urban areas


On our way to work, in our daily business and in our social lives, we drive along roads and highways. Saferoad ensures constantly safe mobility.
Moving in traffic is such a big part of our everyday lives. We hardly notice the fact that we are constantly surrounded by road safety solutions.
The driving force of our commitment is that safety is indispensable. Innovative and sustainable solutions protect and support people on the move.

Saferoad products and solutions contribute to a safer life on the move, whether it’s by foot, bike or car.
Our focus on product and development, high quality standards and vast experience make us a reliable partner.
The world is a highly dynamic place. We expect our surroundings to be tailored to ensure safety in our daily habits and routines.