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At Saferoad, we develop and implement procurement strategies that aim to identify and establish cooperation with the suppliers on the basis of their total competitiveness, emphasising cost efficient production, innovation, technical development, quality and customer satisfaction. To this end, we treat our suppliers fairly and provide them with equal opportunities. 

We set high standards for ourselves and our impact on environment and society at large. We act in accordance with laws and regulations. Our behaviour must stand to public scrutiny without damaging the reputation of Saferoad. The same conduct we expect and require from our suppliers.

The Code of Conduct sets forth Saferoad's core principles. Saferoad Procurement Policy establishes guidelines for our relations with suppliers. 

We seek a broad international scope, and welcome suppliers that are committed and hardworking and that are willing and able to cooperate with Saferoad in a mutual beneficial business relationship. To register a continuous interest from suppliers, and you are welcome to initiate a first contact by completing the form below. We will forward your inquiry to the appropriate contact.