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Saferoad’s solutions are part of the prestigious Forth Replacement Crossing

The Forth Replacement Crossing has been Scotland’s most prestigious infrastructure project for the past 10 years. The crossing links Edinburgh to Fife and was designed to take over most of the traffic from the historic Forth River bridge, one of the most vital connections in the Scottish transport network.

Saferoad is part of the Forth river crossing

The new Queensferry bridge holds high international prestige as it represents state of the art engineering, and it is also the world’s longest three-tower, cable-stayed bridge. The bridge was designed by an international team of experts from several leading engineers and architects.

Due to our aesthetic range of products in combination with our engineering skills and assembly services, Saferoad was chosen to supply and install the road restraint systems on the bridge and connecting road network. To fulfill the project requirements, the bridge parapets for the Queensferry bridge was customised by Saferoad's own engineers in close cooperation with the contractors. Our professional and efficient engineering, production and installation teams have done a great job in completing the project.

The Queensferry crossing represents an improved and sustainable road infrastructure, with its official design life estimated at 120 years and minimal maintenance required. 24 million cars are expected to use the crossing every year.