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ESG impacts through the value chain

Our ESG efforts aims to increase circularity and reduce our climate impact, to produce and deliver sustainable products, to ensure health safety satisfaction of our employees, to achieve a transparent supply chain and to ensure ethical business conduct.

Raw materials & suppliers

GHG emission from production (zinc, aluminum, steel) (SDG 9.4, SDG 12.2)

Business ethics in procurement practices

Energy consumption in raw material production (steel, aluminum, plastic, recycled alternatives)

Labour conditions and human rights in raw material production

Workers’ health and safety (SDG 8.7)

Supply chain transparency

Business ethics in procurement practices

Own operations

Health and safety of own employees (production
sites, maintenance, instal- lation) (SDG 8.8)

Traceability of raw materials (e.g., risk of counterfeit)

GHG efficiency at production sites (SDG 9.4)

Water consumption and waste-water management at production sites (SDG 9.4, SDG 12.2)

Management of hazardous substances and waste (SDG 12.4)

Environmental legacy risk at production sites

Material utilisation and recycling (SDG 8.4, SDG 12.2)

Chemical use and pollution

Labour and human rights (production sites, maintenance, installation)

Traceability of raw materials (e.g. risk of counterfeit)

Management & marketing

Anti-corruption and bribery

Product innovation:climate resilient products (e.g., extreme weather) (SDG 9.1)

Product innovation: product longevity and ease of maintenance (SDG 9.1, SDG 12.2)

Transportation of products to market

Product innovation: product quality and safety (e.g., can sustain impact of heavier vehicles) (SDG 3.6)

Diversity and anti-discrimination (SDG 8.5)

Employee education and development

Employee benefits

Anti-competitive behaviour

Integrity and realistic advice (SDG 9.1)

Customer / end user

End-of-life product management (SDG 12.2)

Road accidents and safety (SDG 3.6)

Product reliability (quality and safety throughout product lifetime) (SDG 3.6)

Environmental impact of products during usephase

Improved site working conditions

Public and customer health and safety

Integrity of partners and customers