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New Group CEO and new chairman of the board of Saferoad

Oslo, 24 September: The board of Saferoad Holding AS (Saferoad) has appointed Espen Asheim as the new Group CEO of Saferoad. He will replace Morten Holum. There are also changes to the board, which is now chaired by Patrik Nolåker. He has replaced Johan Ek. The changes are a result of FSN Capital’s recent acquisition of 100 % of Saferoad shares.

We would like to inform about recent changes in Saferoad's board of directors and management.

FSN Capital has replaced the company’s shareholder elected chairman of the board with Patrik Nolåker. The change is already executed, alongside other alterations to the board. The new board has appointed Espen Asheim as the new Group CEO of Saferoad. Asheim enters the position 1st November 2018. These changes are a part of FSN Capital’s long-term strategy and effort to create further growth and earnings for Saferoad.

With two experienced leaders and industrial entrepreneurs like Espen Asheim and Patrik Nolåker on board, Saferoad is positioned to succeed in growing even stronger and more effective and establish the company in a leading position internationally. 

Espen Asheim is an experienced business executive, who has been responsible for a range of complex strategy and change processes across different industrial sectors. Asheim was until September 2018 CEO of Egmont Publishing AS. He has previously held similar positions in VIA Travel Group ASA, Elektroskandia AS, Canal Digital Norge AS and Telenor CTV Norge AS.

Patrik Nolåker is an experienced chairman, with deep international background from different industries adjacent to Saferoad. Currently, Nolåker chairs the boards of AQ Group AB and Velcora Holding AB, among other board assignments. Prior to that he held positions as Group CEO in Dywidag-Systems Internationals and Alimak Hek Group, as well as senior positions in Atlas Copco and ABB.

The board of Saferoad currently consists of the following members:

Patrik Nolåker (Chairman), Frode Strand-Nielsen, Niclas Thiel, Ulrik Smith, Jan Torgeir Hovden, Britt Sandvik and Knut Brevik.

For additional information, please contact Patrik Nolåker, chairman of the board, mobile: +46 70 417 8501.