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Ensuring safety on Finland’s fifth longest bridge

Saferoad Finland has completed one of their largest projects in 2019; the Vekaransalmi Bridge. The bridge connects the regions Ruokolahti and Sulkava and replaces the current cable ferry. The aim of the project is to improve traffic flow and create an efficient transportation network.

Scenic surroundings. Photo:Jetro Matilainen / FTIA

Scenic surroundings. Photo:Jetro Matilainen / FTIA 

The Vekaransalmi Bridge has a total length of 639 meters, and will be the fifth longest bridge in Finland. The project includes 1276m of Ørsta BR3 bridge parapet and approximately 2000m of standard guardrail on the embankments.

We have talked to Pauli Kukkonen, project manager in Saferoad Finland.

- What does this project mean for you? This is an renowned project in Finland and we are very proud that our solutions to have been chosen. This will be an important reference for us in the future.  

- Are you satisfied with the execution of the project? Yes, we have had an excellent co-operation with the main contractor. The installation was done by a partner of Saferoad Finland and the installation period was approximately 3 weeks.

The Vekaransalmi bridge is placed in Finnish heritage landscape and the surrounding nature has been taken into account throughout the project life cycle. Ørsta Bridge Parapet is known for combining aesthetics and safety.  

Were these features important in the selection process?  The aesthetics of the parapet was an important feature in the process. The bridge deck “travels” high above the lake surface and the dimensions of other parts of the bridge are remarkable. The ordinary, standard solutions with slender posts and rails wouldn’t look nice. The owner of the bridge wanted to have something more, something that will differentiate and create “confidence” for the road users.

Looking at the photos we can agree that both the bridge and the parapets makes a great combination in the scenic landscape.
The bridge will open for traffic on 16 October 2019. 


Pauli Kukkonen, to the left, and Per Helge Øye from Vik Ørsta, inspecting the parapet
Many took the opportunity to visit the bridge during the public walk in September. Photo:Jetro Matilainen / FTIA
Saferoad was well represented during the public walk of the bridge. Photo:Jetro Matilainen / FTIA

The black and yellow colours match the coat of arms of Sulkava municipality. To ensure longevity, the parapet is powder coated using the unique CombiCoat® treatment.