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Electric vehicles on duty in the asphalting and maintenance work in the city of Oslo

The Saferoad Group subsidiary, TrafikkDirigering, is directing the traffic in connection to the maintenance and asphalting work being carried out this year by Vaktmesterkompaniet for the City of Oslo.

In the contract selection criterias environmental requirements counted 30 per cent. Among other things, this meant that all passenger transport related to the execution of the work should be carried out with zero-emission vehicles.

“At TrafikkDirigering we welcome the fact that the market is beginning to expect and impose stricter requirements to environmentally friendly deliveries,” says Erik Tyrihjell, general manager of TrafikkDirigering.

“We were quick off the mark and acquired a fleet of electric vehicles in order to compete for contracts such as these. Now that they are here, we’re pleased to have been selected as a provider and that we can contribute to a lower negative impact on the environment when on duty.”

TrafikkDirigering is a subcontractor in the contract and will direct traffic where work is being carried out by Vaktmesterkompaniet, who have won the contract with the City of Oslo for the third year in a row.

“This is the most complex asphalt contract in Norway. With this, Oslo demonstrates that it is a pioneer in terms of the environment. We are of the opinion that it’s positive that the customer has high demands, but we also find that they are sometimes higher than what the market has to offer in terms of eco-friendly machinery and equipment. This market is undergoing rapid development, so we are concerned with following this closely and engaging in dialogue with the suppliers so that we can have machinery and equipment that meets the customer’s expectations. Our experience of TrafikkDirigering is that it is a punctual supplier that keeps its word,” says Paul Vangsnes, assistant general manager of Vaktmesterkompaniet.

“It’s essential that customers demand this if we are to achieve a real green shift. We’re proud to be a part of it and will continue to set the standard in our industry going forward,” says TrafikkDirigering’s Tyrihjell.

We went out to take a look at the fleet of electric vehicles in action in Vækerøveien in Oslo where we met team leader Segopotso Kalstveit and Alexandra Moe, HSE – QA manager in TrafikkDirigering.

“I think the new electric vehicles are well suited for the purpose. The only practical difference is that we have to charge the vehicles from time to time. And it’s positive that they contribute to reducing the impact on the environment,” Segopotso says, who has worked as a traffic controller for four seasons, and who now is team leader for one of TrafikkDirigering’s work teams.

Segopotso Kalstveit, Team leader in TrafikkDirigering.



“Our skilled employees are always pleasant and professional in encounters with road users, who may share both negative comments and praise when passing. We carry out our work with pride, and now we can be even prouder in the knowledge that we travel in an environmentally-friendly manner on assignments,” Alexandra concludes.

Alexandra Moe, HSE – QA manager in TrafikkDirigering.


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