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Light Poles & Masts

Saferoad manufactures a complete range of light poles and masts for all application areas. The main purpose of street lighting is to improve the safety of the travelling public and to improve the sense of security in the areas where residents live and work


The use of passively safe light poles, traffic signals and sign posts is becoming increasingly important on both highways and rural roads. The poles absorb the movement energy of the colliding vehicles and reduce speed in a controlled manner to a safe level. Our products are available in all crash test categories, HE, LE and NE.

In all product categories, Saferoad focuses on safety in addition to aesthetics and design. We want to create exciting public spaces with a positive and inviting character and a special identity, by combining the functional with the aesthetic demands. 

Our basic approach is a close dialogue with end customers and planners to form an idea to design. And with this knowledge to develop a CE marked product range which fits into all needs. To customize these products, we also coat the poles with wet painting, powder or thermoplastic. Our methods are of the highest corrosion protection standards (C5M) and all products are available in all colours of the RAL and NCS scale.