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About us

Saferoad Group has roots in the North Western part of Norway where operations started back in 1947. Today, the Group has expanded its activities to more than 20 countries in Europe, offering a comprehensive product portfolio within the road safety and road infrastructure business.

Saferoad is a leading supplier of road safety and road infrastructure solutions in Europe. The Group offers a broad range of innovative and high-quality products and solutions to those who own, build and maintain roads.

We design, manufacture and deliver products and solutions that improve the road safety and road infrastructure standards and the Group has leading positions in several markets across Europe, combining strong responsiveness to customer needs through an extensive local presence and a cost-effective supply chain.

Saferoad is organised in two main business areas, Road Safety  and Road Infrastructure and has approximately 2800 employees.

We continuously work to develop our products and our dedicated R&D teams are committed to improve, optimise and extend our current product portfolio. Our focus on product development, high quality standards, best service and vast experience, makes us a responsive and reliable partner.