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Listing ceremony. Photo:Heiko Junge

Investor information

Saferoad will maintain an open dialogue with all stakeholders. We comply with the Oslo Børs Code of Practice for IR of 10 June 2014. Saferoad’s investor relations section is aimed at serving all shareholders, potential investors, analysts and other stakeholders by providing consistent, open and prompt disclosure of relevant information.

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Investment highlights

  • Market leadership across the most attractive niches in the road construction value chain with a broad product portfolio covering both Road Safety solutions and Road Infrastructure solutions

  • Competitive advantage through combining local presence and responsiveness with economies of scale and efficient operations

  • Strong and predictable underlying market fundamentals supported by demographic megatrends, long-term  government budgets, committed EU funding and strong public and political sentiment to reverse road deterioration, improve infrastructure and improve safety standards

  • Proven track record of top-line growth through a combination of organic growth initiatives and accretive M&A


Financial Calender

Event Date
Q2 Presentation 18.08.2017
Q3 Presentation 09.11.2017

Investor relations contact

Svein Vestermo